Welcome to the Quiltfolio blog!

We’re hard at work on getting Quiltfolio.com up and running and open to everyone, and I wanted to have a place to document the process of coding the site as well as to talk about my own quilting. Until now I’ve been posting my quilting projects on my knitting blog but now that I’m working on an entire site dedicated to quilting I thought it made more sense to share that content over here!

What is Quiltfolio?

You might be wondering just what I’m talking about and I don’t blame you. Until this post the only people who know about Quiltfolio are people I know in real life who’ve helped me think through the concept and have encouraged me as I worked on it.

In short, Quiltfolio is Ravelry(tm) for quilters.

The site will have sections for patterns, fabrics, books, projects, keeping track of your own stash, a classifieds sections, and way more! For example, just the other day a coworker suggested a game based on “do you recognize this fabric” and I’ll definitely be implementing that at some point.

So far the sections of the site that are mostly done all center around fabric: I’ve built the main fabric page and the sections for brand/manufacturers, designers, and collections, so that it will be easy to browse fabrics by any detail you’re interested in. Also already finished is the ability to “like” a fabric and to do a basic text search of all fabrics. To round out the fabrics section, the next step will be to add some better browsing/filtering to the fabrics section, add tags (and make them browsable), and finish the fabric details screen. I’m aiming to have that part of the site mostly finished by next week.

Next up will be the “stashing” section of the site, where you’ll be able to enter the fabric you have at home that you want to keep track of. You’ll be able to track not only fabric yardage but also pre-cuts like charm packs and jelly rolls! I’m really excited to use this feature myself, let me tell you =)

Want to be one of the first to try out Quiltfolio?

If you haven’t signed up for early access to Quiltfolio be sure to click here and put your email address in! We’ll email you when you can come in!

One response to “Welcome to the Quiltfolio blog!

  1. Brilliant! Can’t wait for the launch.

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