Bloggers Quilt Festival

The Bloggers Quilt Festival is a chance to share a special quilt and its story, and check out quilts by others. There are so many amazing quilts entered already, I can’t wait to go browse through some more of them after I finish this post!

Here’s my contribution, my “Anthro” Quilt:

This quilt is my second-ever finished quilt, and I absolutely love it. Even though I’m a new quilter, I definitely already know what I like. Namely, Tula Pink!

This quilt is made out of a charm pack of fabrics from her Parisville line, which I bought on Etsy before I’d even sewn one quilt seam. I fell in love with half-square triangles through reading Sew Katie Did‘s blog, so decided to use my charm pack for my first foray into HST land. Added the linen-colored solid and the mint to stretch the fabric and make the quilt bigger, and then used another Tula print (this time from the Prince Charming collection) for the binding.

For the back, I chose an awesome Kaffe Fasset print and then added leftover solids to make it wide enough:

I think the back is almost as gorgeous as the front!

And yes, Arnold quite loves this quilt too ;o)

The quilt is far from perfect, but I am insanely proud of it. And it’s only deepened my love for quilting, Tula, and HST! In fact I already have another HST quilt in progress, and enough Tula fabric set aside for another Tula quilt (in Prince Charming Frog Prince! Love that print!)


4 responses to “Bloggers Quilt Festival

  1. You SHOULD be proud – it’s beautiful!

  2. des débuts encourageants et vous avez raison le dos est aussi joli

  3. It’s stunning! Great job!

  4. Love the quilts with triangles. I cannot believe this is only your second quilt. It looks beautiful. I bet you’re hooked now.

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